Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Hey chappy!…with those dry, flaky puckers.

Ok, so you got a drawer full of oil-based balms, but your kisser still ain’t as smooth as silk? Scrub up with Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($22). Now, we know…a few of you will flair your arms about and argue 'why not toss a sprinkle of white table sugar into a tub of olive oil and save some bucks?'

We say...why bother when you can harness several prolific oils at once to soften your kisser:
  • Molasses for doing away with melanin, which causes pigmentation in darker skins
  • Jojoba oil which gets rid of excessive dryness
  • Castor oil helping penetrate deep into the skin thanks to its itsy bitsy molecular mass & fatty fat acids
  • Grape seed oil for its potent antioxidants, which diminish free radical and sun damage
Not to mention, everything from Fresh is cruelty free and ecofriendly as one can hope for. Scrub your lips during a hot shower, as we swear it allows for a deeper exfoliation.

Rub–a-dub-dub, my lady.