Why Oils?


Too many words come to mind when asking us why we’re obsessed with face & body oils. Is it the minimalist apothecary styled bottles that tickle us happy? Or, that drop of liquid gold that warms to the touch when poured?

Whatever it is, we cannot get enough of body oils. Let’s forget the multi-functionality of a great oil – the ability to use it on your face, body, nails, hair, and even tootsies. We like to consider ourselves ‘olfactory novelists,’ narrating the sophistication behind the hand-blended concoctions of nature’s own goodness.

Beauty oils include rich, classic scents like rose and lavender, yet they are often sold only modestly. A niche few, like you, appreciate the fine art of perfumed oils. You seek high n' low for the delicate balance between old world aesthetics bridging new world technology, which bring forth a glorious burst of ‘scent’sible coherent identity.

Huile’ means oil in French. But, we feel it means so much more. A mere word that evokes a celebrated craftsmanship tapping into brilliant scents, essences, and botanicals. It’s almost a secretive obsession. Skin that glows from far, without being fed those chemically-laden lotions. It’s when that oil is gently applied, a lady feels the confidence of a woman who understands power, strength and glory. Yes, that it’s that moment when you know you have found the epitome of nature’s luxury – in a single drop of oil.