Guerlain Huile du Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil

Ah...the bewitching scent of a creamy Tiare flower. Long time olfactory enthusiasts (much like our silly selves) know the essence of a tender pure gardenia cannot not be extracted. It is on the island of Polynesia that the rare Tiare flower can be found. Here, and in no other place in the world, the Tiare flower grows atop the celebrated Mt. Temehani. Each morning, flowers bloom and as they open, a soft crackling sounds can be heard. Legend says this is the sound of a Polynesia woman’s heart breaking; being forbidden to marry her lover, the Tahitian King’s son. Amidst the ides of March -- icy rains, wayward snowstorms, tsunamis, earthquakes and, yes, floods -- it’s a small wonder such beauty can be heralded.

Guerlain’s Huile du Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil ($59) is just that antidote to gray skies and somber moods. While the oil is largely comprised of soybean oil and a velvety fragrance, it’s by no means any less potent than an organic elixir. Soybean oil is natural moisturizing factor. It forms a protective film on skin to prevent water loss and has potent antioxidant properties. Zealous skincare scientists have even developed technology for converting soybean oil into a biobased active ingredient for sunscreen products. We wonder if this is related to Guerlain’s “Tan Booster Technology,” they tout on their marketing collaterals. Science is as science does.

But, we digress. We're quietly addicted the immaculate shimmer the oil adds to long, lean legs. The French have long known that oiling up legs help them look slimmer. The rustic vegetable dyes add richness and tonality to existing tans…ummm, if you still tan.Though, the mild SPF 8 won't protect for very long. Very thin viscosity when applied, though we'd suggest applying after your well-dressed. A spray bottle would have made the application easier, but a girl can a dream.

A passionate, full bodied dry oil to sweeten the forgotten imagination of our love affair with a simple flower.