Jurlique Rose Body Oil

Sometimes, a simple oil’s sensory symphony stands apart. As such, the name Jurlique is renowned throughout not only the skincare industry but with celebrities, aromatherapists, and patrons of eco-chic beauty. Long before the mass market moved towards ‘green-washing’ of beauty, Jurlique has been creating treatments with formulations from the company’s home grown farms in Australia. Founded by the chemist and horticulturist team of Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike, purveyors of fine botanicals trust Jurlique to bring naturally potent ingredients to soothe the strained souls.

Rose Body Oil ($55) is no exception to their pedigree. Dedicated to the eternally graceful scent of the red rose, the oil is light in texture, sparkly in scent, and superbly moisturizing. Rumored to be a favorite of Cleopatra, Rose Oil is rumoured to be able to mildly contract the muscles of the face, helping to tone and tighten sagging skin. According to Rama Kant Mishra (Ayurvedic medicine specialist), rose oil is used in the general practices of skin augmentation to treat issues such as acne. The properties of rose oil, according to Ayurveda’s holistic principles, addresses in part, the associated imbalances rooting within the endocrine and digestive enzyme systems of the body. Further scientific research even substantiates how the delicate scent calms the spirit and even alleviates depression on those lonely Friday nights. Easily blendable with foundations and liquid bronzers as the oil leaves behind no greasiness and absorbs like a second skin. Rose Body Oil is a bouquet of bottled exquisiteness.

Serene sentimentality for the skin.