Olfactory Sensitivities

The scent of a product (oil, fragrance, serum, etc.) can have a major effect on your sensitive skin and if you’re trying to keep your skin calm, cool and collected, it’s imperative to be armed with information.

 There’s a big difference between “fragrance-free” and “unscented.” “Fragrance-free” means that nothing has been added to enhance a product's aroma. Conversely, “unscented” generally means a product has fragrance-masking chemicals—they are used to hide the smell of the formula's raw ingredients. To make things even more confusing, some common fragrance ingredients play a dual role and can act as preservatives in a product. When used as a preservative, the FDA doesn't require it to be listed as fragrance, and so a product can be labeled “fragrance-free.” When reading ingredient lists, keep an eye out for essential oils. Because some have antimicrobial properties, they are often used in fragrance-free products as preservatives as they add scent to a product.

Be wary, as many essential oils (like mints and citrus) can irritate sensitive skins.