Natura Bisse Rosa Mosqueta Oil

The latest skin moisturizer flanker, Natura Bisse Rosa Mosqueta Oil ($55), is anything but a floral digression from the perennial rose. Intense, it is. No one's going to be throwing their hands up in exasperation over switching to a hearty face oil upon smelling Natura Bisse's billowing bloom.

In the context of the previous rose oils, with their passive-aggressive innocence, Rose Mosqueta's shy uptick of pure rose essence (25% of the intensive regenerating oil) amidst the high calorie diet of pure oils will make you want to binge like a Jenny Craig drop-out. During the reign of Louis the 16th (1638 - 1715), rose oil alongside its goopy counterpart, honey, were basic ingredients in preparing the best cosmetic cremes. According to the French adage, “The rose oil bestows life to the skin.” Even now-a-day folksy phytocosmeticians extensively utilize rose oil as an indispensable ingredient in a wide range of cosmetic preparations.

Present day medicine has unequivocally verified what the French have furtively known - that with its emollient (softening), analeptic (toning), and aseptic (disinfecting) properties, rose oil has a remarkably favorable action upon application. A few tiny drops of this organic wonder (rosa mosqueta is obtained from the wild rose bushes that grow in the lush soil of the mountain valleys of the Andes) spread across with a semi-syrupy ease, drenching skin with the wholesome goodies rose oil is recognized for. Post sunburn maidens will delight in knowing this treatment is especially recommend for those pesky burns, potential scars and exceptionally dry rough skin—all seen when the delicate skin peels off. It can also be used to treat eczema and reduce itching (possibly reducing or even stopping the use of topical steroid medication).

A zesty, invigorating face oil for the young at heart or mature in experience.