Ramy Lip Oils

You can almost always wager that huile aficionados will have a full arsenal of oils for just about any part of their bod. Of course, some will suggest using a body oil for all nooks n' crannies, but true connoisseurs appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into select treatments. Ramy is just that brand to satisfy that urge. Purists will covet Ramy Lip Oils ($18) for wafting a singular scented oil onto your senses. Each bottle is a fruity cloud of mint, orange or rose oils in a complemetary jojoba base to nourish chappy pouts.

The lip treatment is a simple fabrication of one scent, one oil to serve every whim. The sweetness of the orange stands in contrast to the cool wash of mint, though we can’t think of a single soul who’d ever turn down a slip of rose to coat the lips. Intriguing about mint oil (which is likely derived from peppermint), it allows other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin. I lined my lips in full and slicked the nutritious rose oil for a prismatic shine, which lasted as long as some of those sticky glosses. The small, travel-sized dropper bottle also makes this an easy addition to nighttime clutches.

Beauty and utility functioning as one. How could you not love?