Patyka Absolis Huile Absolue Serum

Patyka is that rare luxury brand, known to niche connoisseurs, appreciated by editors, and sought by wanna-be’s. We love how you rarely read about the refined elegance of this organic line of artistic skincare.

We say artistic because the French do know their art. And, nothing exudes a fine cultural pulse on skin like a balanced serum. Patyka Absolis Huile Absolue Serum ($70) contains a gentle coherence of Rose, Sesame Seed oils and St. John’s Wort to soothe distressed skin. But, it’s first ingredient, squalane, that tickled us with a surprised glee. Squalane, in the skin, is secreted by sebaceous glands, helping to provide a protective barrier to the skin surface. Squalane helps maintain skin moisture by oil lubrication of the surface. Science also shows us that squalane can deactivate free radicals generated by exposure to the sun's UV radiation, thus providng an excellent nutritional support for the skin.

Eco-friendly, the dense serum is 60% organic (you've got to be 95% organic to earn the USDA's hallmark sign of approval), but is distilled from 100% natural essential oils to give your parched skin; an indulgent treatment. It's absorbs easy without any greasy aftermath.

From the French, expect history, craftsmanship and luxury second to none.