Hope Gillerman’s Neroli Face Oil

Ever since I started taking an interest in face & body oils, I’ve been annoyed by the word “bitter.” It’s a word that mavens use in relation to pungent oils that give a kick to the nose when applied, and refers to certain types of oranges—sour, Seville and marmalade oranges. Bitter on the palate or in medicinal treatments. Still, how could an oil be “bitter”?

Then a few nights ago, I opened H.G.O Lab’s Neroli Face Oil ($26). A pared down oil that isn't deeply saturated or artifically-colored. A few droplets of this gossamer like huile, Neroli oil tackles the specific dermatological needs of skin: from moisturizing and anti-shine control, to facial revitalization and protection against stretch marks. Devotees swear it even reduces the appearance of unsightly varicose veins.

Like the regal rose oil, Neroli’s expense is driven by the enormous amount of blossoms necessary to produce a vial of Neroli. Did you know 1 ton of orange blossoms are required to produce one quart of Neroli oil? When diluted for efficacy, neroli oil has a distinctively sharp, upfront note that appeals to both men and women, which allows the exotic oil to claim the benefits of an aphrodisiac, providing a sense of tranquility before getting your sex on. Very little science has been dedicated to analyzing the fundamental truths experienced by most Neroli connoisseurs, but one flick of concern does reign above the rest -- Neroli oil can be photosensitive. I’d say be sure to use SPF when applying during the day.

H.G.O. Lab’s eco-centric quality of essential oils and newly launched skincare isn’t for the masses. No glitzy packaging here. Sleek and sexy apothecary style face and lip balms employ the same high grade, unadulterated, wild-crafted (distilled from a variety of species that grow in the wild), sense-stimulating oils. This is that kind of rare oil that allows both your palate and your vocabulary to expand. The very rare kind of brand that cult beauty addicts lust for their deep, deep beauty drawers.

Neroli face oil is a clever, artisanal oil for ravishing sweeps of smooth silk onto skin.