Cleansing with Oil

While some companies are promoting oils as treatments for skin and body, others include cleansing oils to help remove the day’s grime packed between your sunscreen and makeup. Our faithful ‘5’ want to know, should you use an oil-based cleanser?

Being the science geek I am, I’ll defer the tech talk to the zany scientists here. Beyond the covalent bonds attracting likes to help remove the gunk, the bigger question is whether or not any considerable skin benefits are incurred by using an oil. I’ll say a wholehearted ‘no’. Because the oils rarely stay on skin long enough to penetrate for efficacy, don’t hope to see any tangible results from oil cleansers.

However, I do adore their ability to flawlessly remove all types of makeup (including stubborn waterproof mascara), tenacious SPFs and mucky foundation. This alleviates the use an eye makeup remover, saving me a few bills. In addition, the gentle massaging action from of an oil cleanser helps mildly tone facial muscles for firming and reduces any tug-of-war with your sensitive eye area or lashes. And, every day is a good day to wage the fight against aging, particularly since the delicate area under your eyes shows the first signs of age. A final note, though I do more often than not use cleansing oils, I have noted most oil cleansers are created with the much-feared mineral oil as opposed to harsher detergents (which can strip precious oils & moisture from your skin). Mineral oil myths doesn’t deter my penchant for a mini-spa like treatment every night, huile aficionados know better.

To cleanse or not to cleanse? The graceful choice is yours…