Mac’s Care Blends Essential Oils

The name conjures up images of fattened up falsies, mirror-like glossy lips…or even the dreadfully flawless, Studio Fix cakey mess. But, we chide… Hardly known to the masses, Mac Cosmetics have given us a gentle thing, airy and earthy, droplets of wholesome goodness.

Mac’s Care Blends Essential Oils ($19.50) are a prime example of how NOT to judge by the brand. Looking at the names, you might anticipate a weighty, sickly-sweet oil; sticky and cloying. No room for skin to breathe.


Care Blends comes in two aromatic versions – sweet orange & lavender or grapefruit & chamomile. The experience is an intimately fragrant caress, soft but not overtly fruity as the names would suggest…more impassioned at first, then lingering tenaciously. This is one of those oils we wished would have a stronger scent, as the veil-thin viscosity vanishes without a trace. The fulsome lavender makes way for the softened orange, both providing that very sedative quality the delicate shrub is widely extolled for. The exquisite balance of the oils provides an interesting skin benefit, quietly unheard of before. Oddly, potent forms of lavender oil have antifungal properties. [Now, he’ll have no reason to slather some oil on his tootsies after hitting the gym.] The oils have a simple construction with a heavy heart at the core. Allow a drop to seep into your eye cream for an overnight treatment for weary eyes.

These calming oils continue the standout tradition of Mac - glam and seductive, always at a steal of a deal.