Olio Corpo Acqua di Sale

Lolling around on the beach on a lazy summer day is sure to inspire many a daydreams. The rolling tides of the willful waves, a sun-kissed shoreline, seashells strewn across the sand - all evoke a sensory familiarity second to none. It’s no surprise many companies try to emulate the rare scents of the beach with commonplace oils laced with the all-time cliché coconut oil. But, there rank a few body oils worth the commendation for bringing botanical alternatives to the body and soul.

For those who claim beach oils much yield a coconut scent, lest it be labeled 'not edgy' enough…slather again. Acqua di Sale by Olio Corpo ($190) has that rare oceanic blend of almond oil and sunflower seed oil skillfully laced with gingko biloba extracts. While the soft woodsy cedarwood and myrtle scents give the oil the subtle beachy scent you’d expect, it’s the lack of alcohol we silently swooned over. It’s this purity of composition that brings depth, complexity, and life to what could have been an otherwise bland beach oil. The freshness of the body huile comes alive through a supremely light texture that only the most skilled masters behind the brand could craft. Note to self: exercise slather restraint with this luxury oil. In addition to using it liberally on our legs, we dabbed a bit on our dry ends for an easy-to-rinse hair treatment. Left our locks gloriously smooth.

The immersion of gingko biloba in a body oil was a first for us, so we succumbed to curiosity like a wayward cat. And, we were pleasantly surprised and excited to share that when the time-honored Chinese herb is used in a stable base, gingko has been scientifically proven to increase skin moisturization.What's equally intriguing, especially for sun worshippers, is how preliminary research suggests that gingko does indeed protect the skin against UV-induced damage and thus the signs of aging that follow. Say what? A double down jackpot of treatment and indulgence.

Little by little, this decadent, sensual oil for beachy aficionados has earned its cult following.