Kahina Beauty’s Eye Serum

For those of you just joining the hype over oils, argan oil (full of essential fatty acids -- linoleic and oleic acids -- and antioxidant polyphenols) has been dubbed liquid gold by some of the world’s top purveyors of beauty. Produced from the argan tree grown solely in the arid deserts of Morocco, argan oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries for it's nutritional benefits. Hand-pressed by women’s cooperatives (providing Moroccan women with a steady income, a fair wage, good working conditions, literacy and education), the concentrations of argan is three times the amount of antioxidant vitamin E in standard oils.

It’s no news to insiders that argan oil has what we’d say an enlightened creative activity and fierce compassion, while offering swift protection to those who indulge within the feathery oil. An anti-aging and eco-friendly ingredient, in its purest form, argan oil will be a perennial oil for years to come.

Kahina Beauty’s Eye Serum ($78) is that rare treatment that imbues oil in a serum base. The serum has a complex, authentically oil texture: it is rich and fresh simultaneously, a rare combination. Without it's faint nutty scent, the elusive serum spreads with a graceful ease sans the expected tacky film left behind. With one pump to instantly soothe the senses and reinforce the skin against stress build-up over the long term, the scribed bottle will surely last over you well over 8 months. Expect your furtive concealer to glide over clear skin immediately.

We could intuit you’ll feel good about saving your skin and saving the world with one pump.